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The Lighter Side - Available as a Narrated AudioBook

An NHS Paramedic's Selection of Humorous Mess Room Tales - Narrated by Pete Nottage

TLS-flat coverIn his 'The Dark Side' series, Andy Thompson gives us a taste of the dark sense of humour paramedics use as a coping mechanism; here he packs laugh-out-loud moments into every story as he recalls health care professionals' encounters with the weirdest of behaviour, hilarious misunderstandings, and cringingly embarrasing episodes.TLS2AUDIOCOVER-small

Narrated by Pete Nottage, the audible version of Andy's The Lighter Side is sometimes outrageous, occasionally distasteful, and sure to make you laugh. Listen on your Kindle Fire or with the free Audible app on Apple, Android and Windows devices.

NEW The Lighter Side, Part 2 - once again narrated by Pete Nottage, the audible version of Andy's second book in the TLS series was published in May 2021.

The Lighter Side available on
The Lighter Side AudioBook on iTunes

The Dark Side - Available as Narrated AudioBooks

Real Life Accounts of an NHS Paramedic - Narrated by Pete Nottage

Andy Thompson's The Dark Side parts one and two have now been produced as wonderfully narrated audible books available from each of the most prominent suppliers of AudioBooks, and iTunes. Simply click on the links below to order and download your copy and you could be listening to the stories in minutes.

Narrated by Pete Nottage, the audible versions of Andy's books capture the intimacy, pressures and human emotions of life as a Paramedic in Britain's Ambulance Service. These are unabridged versions of Andy's books, complete with the considerable detail Andy adds on the processes involved while treating his patients. Listen on your Kindle Fire or with the free Audible app on Apple, Android, and Windows devices.

The detail in the descriptions of the care given to each patient on-scene by Andy and his colleagues will have you marvelling at the ability of these healthcare professionals to work at such speed, buying enough time to deliver a patient into the specialist hands of hospital care and often, amazingly, on to full recovery. Of course there are inevitably also those times when tears of hope turn to tears of despair for loved ones. You cannot feel that pain until it happens to you, but these books will bring you mighty close to it at times.

Emergency care Paramedic audio bookThe Dark Side Part 1 on books - narrated, spoken word

The Dark Side Part 1 AudioBook on iTunes

The Dark Side Part 2 on

The Dark Side Part 2 AudioBook on iTunes

Now in Paperback

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