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The Lighter Side, Part 2 (2021)

A Former NHS Paramedic's Selection of Humorous Mess Room Tales

Lighter-Side-Part-2-crpd-flatenedAndy Thompson is back with another laugh-out-loud collection of stories that reveal the essential ingredient that paramedics and ambulance technicians call on as a coping mechanism - the ability to conjure humour from situations most others would find too stressful to even raise a smile. Whether during an emergency call, setting up fellow colleagues with a prank, putting distressed patients at ease, or seeing the funny side of a bad outcome, Andy opens the window on what it's really like to be a member of Britain's frontline NHS Ambulance Service.

In 'The Lighter Side, Part 2 - A Former NHS Paramedic's Selection of Humorous Mess Room Tales' we hear of the special constable having a panic attack... while cuffed to the metal headboard of her firefighter partner's bed. The middle-aged man convinced by his teenage girlfriend of three weeks that she is twelve weeks pregnant with his baby. The lady more concerned about her carpet than the critical condition of her husband. How medical charades can overcome a language barrier. The ghostly goings-on during a call to the local cemetery that had Andy's crewmate quivering. And what happened when 'Hyacinth' told Andy, " pugnacious, silly man... send a doctor at once!"
Find out what went on when a paintballing event brings together paramedics, off-duty armed-response police officers, and a young man with Tourette's. "We're over here!"
Forty hysterically funny stories in all, each rounded off to perfection by cartoonist Richard Duszcak's wonderfully drawn illustrations.

Sometimes outrageous, occasionally sick and twisted, but we dare you not to chuckle through the whole book, and laugh your head off in places. But careful, you wouldn't want Andy to have to come and sew it back on again... oh, and that reminds him of a funny story...

The Lighter Side (2015)

An NHS Paramedic's Selection of Humorous Mess Room Tales

tls slide269x395From the paramedic pondering a dignified solution as he surveys his previously digested Pot Noodle adorning the naked genitalia of a recently deceased lady, to the man who rang the doctor Out of Hours service with an audibly severe case of excess flatulence, with hilarious consequences, and the old lady's wig that caused one chuckling paramedic to struggle to keep a hold of the carry-chair, 'The Lighter Side - An NHS Paramedic's Selection of Humorous Mess Room Tales' will have you laughing out loud then looking around furtively, wondering if you should!

In his 'The Dark Side' series, Andy Thompson gives us a taste of the dark sense of humour paramedics use as a coping mechanism; here he packs laugh-out-loud moments into every page as he recalls health care professionals' encounters with the weirdest of behaviour, hilarious misunderstandings, and cringingly embarrasing episodes. You'll soon be relating to the sense of humour that moves an ambulance driver to respond to his friend and fellow paramedic's predicament on a hot summer's day, as a powerful smell engulfs the saloon of the vehicle. What would you do? Open the cab windows and the hatch through to the saloon to provide some extra ventilation? Of course not! You switch the heating on, causing the already intolerable pong to become even more unbearable, making for a bangin' mess room tale on your later return!

Wonderfully illustrated with cartoons by Richard Duszczak depicting each scene, it's an eye-watering insight into the Lighter Side of working on the Dark Side, straight from the mess rooms of ambulance stations up and down the UK. There's also a heartening reminder of the power of a flamin' good belly laugh and its analgesic effect even in situations of severe pain. This is a book that laughs in the face of extreme emotion and stress. Outrageous? Perhaps. Distasteful? Probably. Humorous? Absolutely!

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The Dark Side, Part 2 (2014)

Real Life Accounts of an NHS Paramedic - The Traumatic, the Tragic and the Tearful

Following up on his well-received first book, Andy Thompson provides another captivating, thought-provoking and at times intense glimpse into the daily life of a Paramedic working in the UK's National Health Service. In the style of his first book, Andy recalls each event from the detailed documentation recorded at the time, each account written in a way that puts the reader right there next to him so that you live the events in real-time, hear the dialogue between paramedics, patient, their loved ones and other healthcare professionals as it would have been, and share in Andy's thought processes during each of the ten very different situations he encounters.

The term 'The Dark Side' describes the frontline emergency aspect of the Ambulance Service, since paramedics frequently experience sombre situations. In 'The Dark Side, Part 2' you will share in some truly traumatic, tearful events involving a seemingly vibrant, healthy young patient, a prison inmate, the victims of an horrific car crash, heart attacks, a frightening epileptic fit, the alarming effects of an allergic reaction, and what can happen when under-strain doctors prescribe the wrong medication. But there's still room for lighthearted moments and a taste of the sometimes dark humour that allows paramedics to continually deal with events most of us would find too horrific.

The detail in the descriptions of the care given to each patient on-scene by Andy and his colleagues will have you marvelling at the ability of these healthcare professionals to work at such speed of thought, buying enough time to deliver a patient into the specialist hands of hospital care and often full recovery. Of course there are inevitably also those times when tears of hope turn to tears of despair for loved ones. You cannot feel that pain until it happens to you, but this book will bring you mighty close to it at times.

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The Dark Side (2013)

Real Life Accounts of an NHS Paramedic - The Good, the Bad and the Downright Ugly

"You often hear people say that police, fire and ambulance personnel become hardened to what they see and experience on a day-to-day basis, and I have to say there's a very small amount of truth in that statement - although I believe 'hardened' is the wrong word to use. Emergency service personnel do not necessarily become hardened to what they see, they simply accept that what they're exposed to is part of the job - adult or child, it goes with the territory. However, we are after all only human and therefore have emotions too." - Andy Thompson

Andy Thompson's true-to-life, graphic and gripping account of his work as an NHS paramedic in Britain's A&E emergency Ambulance Service will shock you, sadden you, entertain you, and perhaps inspire you. You'll smile at some of Andy's real patient encounters, while others will cause you to wipe a tear. Using official NHS documentation recorded at the time to give precise details of each incident, Andy has held firm to the real-life accounts, even in keeping the dialogue as close as his memory allows to what was really said at the time. It's as if you're there next to him, struggling with the effects of adrenalin and fighting to save life. This is a rare work of medical non-fiction delivered in a way that is factual, informative, but at the same time naturally entertaining and moving, written with candour and humour. And if you have ever thought what it takes to become a paramedic - or any other of the specialist vocations - and that you could never achieve it yourself, Andy's inspiring story of how he went from postman to frontline healthcare professional, fulfilling his dream, will make you think again that anything is possible if you have the desire. Andy says there are no heroics in the book and that he simply did his job, but we are sure The Dark Side will leave you convinced there are true heroes on our streets right here, right now. Saving lives every day, every night and often against all the odds. It might even change your whole perspective on life.

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