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A moving review

It's a moving review of a book that moves and inspires its readers. John, who left his review on the Amazon UK website after reading 'The Dark Side', says, "I had a bad trauma accident that has left me permanently impaired for life. I went through five years of not knowing if I would lose my left leg as a result. Thankfully I didn't, but it changed my life forever and I have a steel pin up to my knee holding my ankle together... my bone is still growing around the latest pin or fusion I had done. This book has made me realise how lucky I am to have amazing doctors, surgeons around, but most importantly it's guys like Andy the author, who are first on the scene and are the ones that save your life and try their best to make sure it's a good outcome for you."

Andy's books never reveal true identities but they all feature accounts of actual incidents. "I read this book in three hours," said John, "once you start it's hard to put down, it makes you think how precious life is... he goes into full detail of every life or death or harrowing situation and horrific accident without holding back. I thought it might be a bit predictable, but every story is different and has different outcomes... the author tells it in such an intense fashion that you can feel his pressure that he was going through in each story."

John has been on the sharp end of what was clearly the kind of horrific accident Andy tells of in 'The Dark Side' and his admiration for those in the emergency services is clear. "They are angels in my eyes, their quick thinking actions in adrenalin fuelled pressure... is amazing... It's the paramedics who start the progress of saving and helping you, under extreme pressure most times... I take my hat off to them for their work. I highly recommended this book, not just for the way it grips you when you hear all the stories, but it makes you think about life in general and how you should enjoy every day as a blessing... I know that after my accident, but Andy's book puts it into perspective big-time."

Andy Thompson joined the Ambulance Service in 2002. He worked as a Paramedic in Cheshire and Merseyside, and later in the south of England, before relocating back to the North with his wife and two children. He continues to work as an NHS Paramedic with the Yorkshire Ambulance Service. His first book, 'The Dark Side - Real Life Accounts of an NHS Paramedic - The Good, the Bad and the Downright Ugly" was published in Kindle format in 2013.

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