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Absolutely Fantastic!

Fantastic yet again! I bought this and started reading it as soon as I finished the first one as I couldn't wait for more stories from Andy. This book was another great read and leaves you wanting more every time you have to take a break from it. Andy is a great author; he knows his stuff and has dealt with plenty in his career.
- Hayley Jones (The Dark Side, Part 2)

Transformed into the world of NHS Paramedic again love it love it love it!!!

Even more exciting reading and troubles faced every day. Andy has once again pulled the rabbit out of the hat. Dare I say it's even better than the first one. I could not put the book down and was rushed into the world of the NHS and the ambulance services' day to day life. Andy has done it again and made what I believe the best series of books and I say once again as well, the NHS and the ambulance service needs more thanks than ever before in this day and age.
- Luke Stokes (The Dark Side, Part 2)

Stress, frustration, anguish but often relief and satisfaction - another compelling insight into life as a Paramedic

If you've read Andy Thompson's first book, The Dark Side, you will find this one written in the same style, putting you right there next to Andy in a variety of tense and stressful situations. I need to declare a connection, as I helped Andy editorially with both books, but hopefully that doesn't devalue my belief that both give a true-to-life insight of a UK paramedic's working life, the stresses, the anguish and the lighter moments. This one has a little more of Andy's observations on life as a paramedic in the NHS, and the frustrations he encounters while trying to save life, and so you get to know the author that little bit more. The accounts of each incident are diverse, sure to be of interest to anyone curious about medical matters thanks to the detail of his interventions, and at times very moving and with outcomes that may well make you change your own habits.
- Kevin O'Byrne (The Dark Side, Part 2)


A brilliant follow-up to his first book of ambulance anecdotes, this is bound to appeal if you enjoyed the first book. And even if you haven't read it, you can jump into this without feeling lost. As with the first book, Andy writes clearly, with humour and feeling, explaining enough medical detail not to lose the uninitiated but including so much information for readers with more extensive medical knowledge. He treats every patient with dignity and respect, and also covers other issues which can cause unintended issues. Make sure that your house is clearly numbered and/or named! Those minutes can be the difference between life and death.
- Ratchick (The Dark Side, Part 2)

Loved it

Brilliant Book. I have completed the first one and wished there would be another part available, and it was! Couldn't put my Kindle down.
- Anutkaw (The Dark Side, Part 2)

Must read

Another brilliant book by Andy Thompson, a must read for anyone interested in the ambulance service. Andy tells it like it is, a wonderful training tool as well, he explains everything so well. I have learned a lot from this paramedic.
- Janice Whitehead (The Dark Side, Part 2)

Pure amazing

Just like the initial book, this one is equally fantastic. Well written with great detail and explanations of every day (and night) to which ambulance personnel have to go through. Would read endless books by Andy, he's fantastic.
- harlie'$ (The Dark Side, Part 2)

Five Stars

Great book from start to finish.
- Mr B. (The Dark Side, Part 2)

Dark Side Part 2

Loved the second part of this as much as the first one. Funny, informative, sad, and written by a very likable guy. I'm hoping there is a Prt 3!
- Romany Donaldon (The Dark Side, Part 2)


Good insight to the paramedic world. Good dark humour in there. Well worth buying both books. Hopefully there will be more!!
- Carla (The Dark Side, Part 2)

"#1 on My EMS Book List"

Best EMS book I have had the pleasure of reading. The author did a fantastic job of explaining the terms of the paramedic job and of life on the job as a paramedic, and the level of empathy for his patients and partners made the book gripping as well as humorous. HIGHLY recommended for anyone who is in EMS. I could not put the book down, and read the entire book from cover to cover. After 17 years as an EMT I put this book at #1 on my EMS reading list. Well done!
- Michael (The Dark Side)

"Informative as well as interesting"

I found the author's accounts very interesting, but more than merely entertaining the reader, he showed the step by step procedures that allow paramedics to deal with sudden accidents or illnesses and give their patients the best chance of survival. I've always been in awe of their abilities, and I still am, but I now have a better understanding of the methodical way they treat whatever they're confronted with. 
- Dawn (The Dark Side)

"Immerses you in the daily and nightly dramas of a paramedic"

I have to start by declaring a connection, as I helped Andy to proofread his book, but I hope that doesn't devalue my review here because Andy deserves a lot of praise, I feel. I was impressed by his commitment to putting across accounts that were at the same time factual and entertainingly written, with good pace and tension. There's graphic detail but only to give an accurate picture of events, not to shock, coupled with a great sense of the emotion he and his patients felt; though the paramedic usually fights to hide it and he gives a great sense of that fight going on inside. There's a lot of dialogue, which helps to really give a sense of the tension in each of the different encounters. I found it a very absorbing read. I learned a lot about how our bodies react to situations I wouldn't have imagined could have been survived, and how a paramedic can buy us vital minutes when we most need it. Not only did Andy employ my services, he also had the book professionally formatted for Kindle, and hopefully this investment shines through in the final result. I'd be truly surprised if you don't find this a great read, and I'd challenge you not to shed a tear during one of the stories in particular - I did, incredibly moving.
- Kevin O'Byrne (The Dark Side)

"The Dark Side was a gripping reality for a paramedic"

I bought this book after completing other books in a similar genre. Andy really has written it as it is.The story was sad and humorous. As an aspiring paramedic about to embark on my paramedic degree I also found this book to be educational. I liked how Andy described his procedures and the reasons for his actions. I also like how he recorded his thoughts and feelings while he was treating his patients and battling his natural reactions to save someone's life. Andy also tells of his dedication to training and learning all the medical procedures needed to be a paramedic, working day and night almost to achieve his ultimate goal, often to the sacrifice of his family and sleep. A harsh reality of any medical professional in modern day NHS, I really enjoyed this book and I very very much hope that Andy does write another book. I will look forward to reading it. As mentioned in the last sentence of the book, be careful what you wish for because it just might happen. I will keep wishing and working hard (that) I too one day will be out on the front line as a paramedic. This book has only made me want it more.
- 6th sense Sara (The Dark Side)

"Real life accounts of an NHS Paramedic"

As a Paramedic it is exactly as Andy has written, no punches pulled, the funny side and the heartbreaking side. I recommend this read to anybody. Keep up the good work Andy.
- Mr R W Scott (The Dark Side)

"An amazing read"

Andy Thompson and team, you do an amazing job, it's not until you read a book like this you truly understand what their job really involves on a day to day basis. From the patient's point of view you just want to be made better and you don't realise what the paramedics are feeling and the emotions they are going through too, this book made me smile and sad at the same time. Well done Andy.
- Amanda (The Dark Side)

"Very informative"

A very well written book that had me laughing, crying and shocked! I enjoyed it very much and would recommend it to anyone interested in the paramedic profession or thinking about going into it themselves. I hope Andy Thompson writes another one soon!
- Stephanie Burgess (The Dark Side)

"Brilliant Read"

As soon as I saw the title and the author I had to buy it, and it certainly hasn't disappointed! Having worked with the author during my early days in the ambulance service, it made for an exciting read and had me thinking... could that have been me? Did I know that paramedic? That aside, it provides an accurate account of the situations faced by paramedics and technicians in the ambulance service, and acts as a great revision/factual aid with good medical knowledge to back up the story lines. A highly recommended read to new and would be paramedics and anyone with a hunger for knowledge! Well done Andy x.
- Liz (The Dark Side)

"Absolutely fantastic! A real page-turner"

I couldn't put it down! This book knocks the socks off similar books of the same genre. The author describes, in descriptive and graphic detail, a selection of horrendous, sad and tragic incidents he has attended to during his career as an NHS paramedic, so far. Not all with fatal consequences, granted, but nonetheless so horrific that most of us cannot remotely relate to, nor would you ever want to. I was not only captivated by each of the chapters, but found them educational, informative, intriguing, thought provoking and at times humorous too, but on more than one occasion, I found myself very tearful. Furthermore, the book is beautifully written and flows lovely. Whether you are a fan of non-fiction medical books or not, this book is a must read! I hope the author releases another real life accounts book in the not too distant future, I want to read more!
- E.J. (The Dark Side)

"Really good paramedic insight"

Fantastic read of what a paramedic does and the types of emergencies they get called to. Detailed information from the point of view of a paramedic. It is like reading what you watch on t.v documentaries but with more detail.
- TJH (The Dark Side)


This is one of the best books that I have read. I love anything to do with medical stuff and this book has left me feeling excited!! I am currently going through the process of checks for an ECA position and the book has given me a great insight to what hopefully will be my new job to assist the paramedics. I can't wait to read another one of your books.
- Claire Lockwood (The Dark Side)

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